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"I feel all lessons should be specially curated for the student. I recognize everyone learns differently and everyone wants to learn different things. It's my goal to help you get to where you want to be. If it is anything I've learned in 20+ years of teaching, it's that one size does not fit all."
- Braun Sheets
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Lesson Policy

Thank you for choosing Zo Audio as your destination for music instruction! Below is a list of our lesson policies. We would appreciate if you signed at the bottom of the page acknowledging that you have read and understand our policies.


Tuition and Times

Lessons are $25 per half hour.

Lessons are to be paid monthly in advance, no later than the first lesson of each month.

If lessons are not paid before the second lesson of the month, there will be no lesson given until payment is received.

You will have the same lesson time each week. For example, if you sign up for Tuesday at 3:00pm, that is your time slot each week.

We charge for one lesson each week. Be sure to check your calendar to see if there are four or five lessons for the month.


If the student is unable to make a lesson, make-up lessons are available as the instructor’s schedule permits. Make-up lessons must be taken within a week of the original lesson time. If there is not a time that works for the student and the instructor, the tuition for that week is forfeited.

If the instructor is unable to make a lesson, you will not be charged. If you have already paid for the lesson time and the instructor has to cancel, the lesson will be carried over to the following month.

Two vacation days will be given for the year. Vacation days must be scheduled at the beginning of the month upon payment.

If your student is ill, please keep them at home to rest.

Holidays and School Closings

Holidays will be in accordance with the store’s holiday schedule.

If your school district has canceled school due to weather, contact us and we will waive tuition for that lesson or carry it over to the following month. If we are not contacted, we will assume you are planning to make your lesson and standard policies will go into effect.

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